Italian Conference

The SICL every two years organizes a national meeting with the dual purpose of presenting, especially by young researchers, fellows and graduate students, the best research projects on liquid crystals conducted in Italy and to invite internationally renowned scientists in the field of liquid crystals.

The celebrated national meetings to date are:


Amalfi 1994

Ravenna 1996

Palermo 1998

Reggio Calabria, 2000

Erice (TP) 2002

Ischia (NA), 2004

Castiglioncello (PI), 2006

Acitrezza (CT), 2008

Cetraro (CS), 2010

Rome, 2012

Ravenna, 2014

Ravenna, 2014

Portonovo 2016

Pavia 2018

Padova 2022

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