Welcome to the website of the Italian Liquid Crystal Society (SICL).

The SICL is a scientific community consisting of researchers interested in the science and technology of liquid crystals.

SICL members, affiliated with various universities and research institutions in Italy, have expertise in the field of physics, chemistry, mathematics and engineering.

Research carried out by the various groups are of high scientific profile as evidenced by the several publications in scientific journals of high visibility and prestige.

 The SICL carries out its activities with the following main objectives:

  • to promote knowledge in the field of liquid crystals in various multidisciplinary, scientific, technical and socio-economic aspects;
  • to promote the dissemination of knowledge among researchers, manufacturers and users of liquid-crystalline materials and systems derived from them;
  • to establish relationships and cultural relations with other groups with interests in the field of liquid-crystalline materials, with similar associations in other countries and with the International Liquid Crystal Society;
  • to organize scientific meetings and events each year and for the dissemination and promotion of interdisciplinary scientific culture of the liquid crystals.
  • to establish new contacts and collaborations in related scientific fields in order to open new frontiers in basic research and applications in which liquid crystals can bring an added value.


The website of the Italian community of scientists on liquid crystals