The Italian Society of Liquid Crystals (SICL) was officially established on the 17th February 1994. With statute changes made on the 3rd September 1999,  its official office was established in Ancona, via Brecce Bianche, at the Department of Science and Engineering of Matter, of Environment and Urban Planning of Polytechnic University of Ancona. Its operative office is located where the President resides now at the Department of Information Engineering and, Electronics and Telecommunications at Sapienza University in Rome via Eudossiana, 18.

The Italian community of the liquid crystal, however, began to gather as National Group of Liquid Crystals (GNCL) within the CNR since the late 70s.
During those years, a number of young Italian scientists were active in the field of liquid crystals also through studies, experiences and collaborations made ​​with European and American groups.

Italians from major universities have contributed greatly to the development and dissemination of the culture of liquid crystal research at both national and international levels.

Several of  these “pioneers” are worth to be mentioned: R. Bartolino and G. Chidester  from Calabria), C. A. Veracini, G. Galli and E. Chiellini from Pisa, F. Simoni and F. Rustichelli from Ancona, C. Zannoni and G. Gottarelli from Bologna, C. Oldano and A, Strigazzi from Turin, F. Scudieri and P. Maltese from Rome, M. Fontana from Parma), P. Nordio form Padua, A. Sirigu and E. Santamato from Naples .
The GNCL group began to meet in a sort of biennial national conferences from the beginning, and scientists gained visibility by participating to international conferences also gaining the  responsibility for the organization of some of these events.
In particular the most important international events organized with great success were the European Conference on Liquid Crystals in Courmayeur in 1991 and the International Liquid Crystal Conference in Pisa in 1992.

The Secretary of the group, Prof. E. Chiellini, proposed to transform the GNCL, following the example of other countries, into the Italian Society of Liquid Crystals, which was then established.  The first National Conference of SICL was held in Amalfi in 1994.
Since then the activity of SICL  has been quite regular with the biennial conference, the organization of the international school in Erice (TP) at the Centre for Scientific Culture “E. Majorana “and other both national and international initiatives.

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