News and next events

  • We are glad to announce that the Best PhD thesis on liquid crystals “Daniela Pucci” has been assigned to Dr. Marco Todisco of State University of Milan for the thesis titled “A Liquid Crystal World at the Origin of Life”. Dr. Todisco is today post-doc of the Nobel prize winner J. Szostak’s group at Harvard University, in Boston, USA.


  • We are proud to announce that Cambridge University Press recently published the book titled “Liquid Crystals and their Computer Simulations” authored by Prof. Claudio Zannoni, Emeritus Professor at Alma Mater University of Bologna”. For more details on the book please visit the related webpage of Cambridge University Press.


  • The next Italian Conference of SICL will be held in Padova on September 22 and 23, 2022. For registration and more details please visit the website

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