The Italian Chapter of IEEE Photonics Society in collaboration with the Italian Liquid Crystal Society (SICL)  organizes the 2nd School of Photonics on

Biophotonics at the nanoscale: from smart nanomaterials to advanced optical technologies for life, environmental science and nanomedicine

The School will be held at the “Ettore Majorana” Center for Scientific Culture (http://www.ccsem.infn.it),  in the small ancient city of Erice in Sicily,  in  August 26-31, 2023.

Download the Book of abstracts Erice2023

The IEEE Photonics school is  the XXVIth course in the frame of activities held every year at the International School of Liquid Crystals, one of the scientific advanced schools established in the “Ettore Majorana” Center in Erice.

The school is aimed to PhD students and Post-docs in Engineering and Physics in the field of photonics technologies.

The course topics encompass advanced material properties, device design, technologies, and photonics applications in life science, environmental science, and high precision medicine (i.e., nanomedicine). The school is mainly devoted to advanced nanotechnologies and biotechnologies in which photonics is the key enabling tool. Advanced nanomaterials, including molecular composite materials with their optical properties, will be among the school’s topics.  A specific focus will be devoted to device and system technologies for bio-imaging and microscopy, chemical, biochemical and physical sensors, fiber sensors, lab-on-chip, optogenetics, optofluidics, image sensors. Industrial point of view will also be considered. Lectures will be given by international first-class scientists from prestigious Italian and foreign universities, research centres and industrial laboratories.

Purpose of the course is also a forum to trigger new cultural exchanges and foster new scientific collaborations. The school will provide a platform for interfacing basic science with applied engineering to track down a new frontier in biophotonics.

Students are encouraged to submit a scientific contribution to be presented in a poster during the course.