Scientific committee

G. Assanto – University of Roma TRE
A. Busacca – University of Palermo
G. Chiaretti – ST Microelectronics – Agrate (Mi)
G. Cincotti – University of Roma TRE
A. d’Alessandro – Sapienza University of Rome – Co-Director of the course
S. Donati – University of Pavia
P. Ferraro – Insitute of Applied Sciences and Intellingent Systems CNR- ISASI
A. Galtarossa – University of Pavia
A. Melloni – Polytechnic of Milan
P. Pasini – INFN Section of Bologna – Co-Director of the course
S. Pietralunga – Istituto di Fotonica e Nanotecnologie – CNR Milan
S. Selleri – University of Parma – Co-Director of the course
G. Varasi – Finmeccanica
S. Wabnitz – University of Brescia
C. Zannoni – University of Bologna “Alma Mater” – Director of the International School of Liquid Crystals