Registration fee is 900 Euros.

The registration fee includes:

  1. Full board accommodation (lodging, breakfast at San Rocco Center, lunch and dinner. Dinner of 26th August and breakfast of 31st August are included). School participants are allowed to have lunch and dinner in any of the restaurants in Erice connected to the “E. Majorana” center. A list of permitted restaurants will be provided upon your arrival.
  2. Coffee breaks, social banquet and excursion.
  3. Transportation from airport to Erice and back. Please provide your flight information at the page Travel before your departure. Be aware that in absence of information a shuttle service cannot be arranged and you must provide a transportation by yourself. Taxi ride can be very expensive.
  4. School kit and access to the  lecture hall.

Only Bank transfer (suggested) or on site cash  payments are accepted.

No credit card payment can be accepted for the payment of the registration fee.

No ATM are now in Erice.

Please pay the registration fee by bank transfer to “Società Italiana Cristalli Liquidi” by using the following  IBAN Code:

IT 65 G 02008 05302 000020016063

from abroad bank transfer please use the SWIFT CODEUNCRITM1158

In your bank transfer please state “PAYMENT FOR REGISTRATION OF [NAME] to the SCHOOL OF PHOTONICS”

Please fill the on-line registration form and upload the pdf file of the payment