The list of posters is reported below. The talks of the SICL meeting are also proposed in the poster format to foster discussion between the entire SICL community and the Japanese delegation.

List of posters

Macroscopic Order in a Nematic Liquid Crystal: Perturbation by Spontaneous Director Fluctuations,  Rauzah Hashim , Atsuhiro Kasatani , Geoffrey R. Luckhurst , Akihiko Sugimura , Bakir A. Timimi , Herbert Zimmermann

 ESR characterization of BaTiO3 ferroelectric nanoparticles suspended in a nematic liquid crystal, Isabella Miglioli, Alberto Arcioni, Claudio Zannoni

 Molecular Organization of Nematic Liquid Crystals Between Concentric Cylinders: Role of the Elastic Anisotropy, C. Chiccoli, P. Pasini, L.R. Evangelista, R.T. Teixeira-Souza, C. Zannoni

 Molecular dynamics simulations of 8CB smectic thin films, Mattia Felice Palermo, Luca Muccioli, Claudio Zannoni

 Thermodynamic and chemical-physical characterization of a binary mixture made of photosensitive and liquid crystalline molecules, Eleonora Borrello, Mario Cifelli, Valentina Domenici, Celia Duce, Maria Rosaria Tine’, Vera Hamplova and Gabriela Ambrozic

 Conformational Properties and Orientational Order of a de Vries Liquid Crystal by NMR Spectroscopy, Valentina Domenici, Moreno Lelli, Mario Cifelli, Vera Hamplova, Alessandro Marchetti and Carlo Alberto Veracini

 Spin-spin ILT colloidal morphology analysis and mechanical properties of ultrasound cumb rubber modified bitumen, Cesare Oliviero Rossi, Luigi Filippelli, Luigi Gentile, Noemi Baldino

 Liquid crystal tuneable plasmonic devices, Dimitrios C. Zografopoulos and Romeo Beccherelli

Lightwave circuits based on organic materials for optical signal filtering and switching in WDM communication systems, Giovanni Gilardi, Rita Asquini, Romeo Beccherelli and Antonio d’Alessandro

 NMR in different partially ordered media: a route for structure, order and conformation of small flexible organic compounds, M. E. Di Pietro, G. De Luca, G. Celebre, D. Merlet, C. Aroulanda

 Inducing topological defects by curvature and edges for tunable colloidal assembly in nematic liquid crystals, Francesca Serra, Yimin Luo, Yu Xia, Mohamed-Amine Gharbi, Randall D. Kamien, Shu Yang, Kathleen J. Stebe

Electrical response of a confined isotropic liquid sample: biological systems and liquid crystals applications, R. R. Ribeiro de Almeida, F. S. Michels, V. Steffen, E. K. Lenzi, R. S. Zola, and L. R. Evangelista

Azo-dendrimer for Manipulating Microparticles, P. Hirankittiwong, N. Chattham , O. Haba, K. Yonetake, A. Eremin, R. Stannarius, and H. Takezoe

 Molecular organisation in nematic liquid crystals close to a solid surface, Otello M. Roscioni, Antonio Pizzirusso, Luca Muccioli, Claudio Zannoni

 Visual micro-thermometers for nanoparticles photo-thermal conversion, Gia Petriashvili, Maria P. De Santo, Ketevan Chubinidze, Ridha Hamdi and Riccardo Barberi

 Optical trapping of chiral microresonator, A. Mazzulla, M. G. Donato, J. Hernandez, Clementina Provenzano, R. Saija, R. Sayed, S. Vasi, A. Magazzù, P. Pagliusi, R. Bartolino, P. G. Gucciardi, O. M. Maragò and G. Cipparrone

 Ellipsometric study of nematic alignment on Silicon Oxides for displays, A. Marino, E. Oton, N. Bennis, X. Quintana, J. M. Oton, V. Tkachenko


Plasmonic nano-heaters confined in self-organized materials, Giovanna Palermo, Luciano De Sio, Tiziana Placido, Roberto Comparelli, Maria Lucia Curri, Nelson Tabiryan, Cesare Umeton, Roberto Bartolino, Timothy Bunning

 Alignment of chromonic molecules, Caterina M.Tone , Maria P.De Santo, Federica Ciuchi

 Order reconstruction in turbulent nematics, Giuseppe Pucci, Francesco Carbone, Giuseppe Lombardo, Carlo Versace and Riccardo Barberi

 Translational Self-Diffusion in Liquid Crystals by means of NMR Diffusometry: Recent advancements, Mario Cifelli, Valentina Domenici, Sergey V. Dvinskikh

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