Italian-Japanese Workshop


The aim of the Workshop is to bring together members of two communities of Italy and Japan for a presentation and discussion of recent results in the liquid crystal research.

This event continues a series of successful meetings held alternatively in Italy and Japan since 2002:

Erice (TP), 2002

Tsu, 2004

Castiglioncello (Pi), 2006

Nara, 2008

Cetraro (Cs), 2010

Tokio, 2012

Workshop will hopefully enhance exchange and scientific cooperation between Italy and Japan in the more innovative areas of liquid crystal science and technology.

The format of the workshop will be based on a number of keynote talks of leading Italian and Japanese scientists.


Scientific Topics

• Molecular design, synthesis, new materials and phases

• Structures, ordering, and defects

• Simulations and dynamic properties

• Photonic and optoelectronic applications

• Surfaces and confined systems

• Displays (electronics and technologies)

• Colloids, nanostructured systems and self-assembly

• Polymeric and elastomeric liquid crystals

• Biological and lyotropic systems