Scientific Program

Please find below the final schedule of the scientific program.

Monday, July 7
Session I at the City Hall Address: Piazza del Popolo 1
8.30-9.30 Registration and welcome address  
9.40-10.05 Tommaso Bellini Origin and propagation of chirality in DNA liquid crystals
10.05-10.30 Masanori Ozaki Non-peripheral substituted phthalocyanine with high carrier mobility and its solar cell application
10.30-10.55 Giuseppe Chidichimo Advanced multifunctional materials based on liquid crystal thienoviologens
10.55-11.15 Coffee break  
Session II at Classense Institute Address: Via Baccarini 3 (Sala Muratori)
11.15-11.40 Jun-ichi Hanna Highly ordered smectic liquid crystals for organic field effecttransistors
11.40-12.05 Valentina Domenici New composites based on liquid crystalline elastomers for micro-actuators and energy storage systems
12.05-12.30 Hirotsugu Kikuchi Structural analyses of liquid crystal blue phases
12.30-12.55 Roberto Caputo Active plasmonics: systems design and characterization
13.00-15.00 Lunch  
Session III  
15.00-15.25 Isa Nishiyama Induction of birefringence in optically isotropic liquid phase of chiral mesogenic compound
15.25-15.50 Claudio Zannoni Multiple scale modelling and simulations of liquid crystals
15.50-16.15 Yuka Tabe Heat-driven unidirectional rotation of cholesteric LC droplets
16.15-16.40 Pierangelo Metrangolo Halogen-bonded liquid crystals, gels, and polymers
16.40-17.00 Coffee break  
Session IV  
17.00-17.25 Jun Yamamoto Second order phase transition in hyper swollen lyotropic liquid crystals
17.25-17.50 Ugo Zammit Photopyroelectric calorimetry for the thermal and optical evaluations of light induced transitions in liquid crystals
17.50-18.15 Takeo Sasaki Dynamic amplification of optical signals in photorefractive ferroelectric liquid crystals


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Ravenna, Italy, July 7-10 2014