The 9th Italian-Japanese Workshop on Liquid Crystals and the 13th Italian Liquid Crystals Society Meeting will be held  at the Collegio Cairoli  in  Pavia (PV).

The Collegio Cairoli is one of the university colleges for which Pavia is famous and it’s located in the heart of Pavia city center, in front of San Francis church, at working distance from both the University of Pavia and the Castello Visconteo.

The Collegio Cairoli was founded in 1781 as a German-Hungarian College for students of Theology by the Emperor Joseph II of Austria, renovating, on a design by Leopoldo Pollack, the building of the 14th century Convent of St. Francis attached to the Church of the same name. Closed by General Bonaparte in 1796, it became a barracks and remained so until 1947, when the Military Property gave it to the University of Pavia for the return of the College. It was opened on November 4th, 1948 with the name of Collegio Brothers Cairoli.

Pavia, September 17-20, 2018